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Asphalt is a durable surface, but with constant exposure to the elements, it requires maintenance to provide several years of serviceability. UV exposure breaks down the oils in asphalt, rendering the normally pliable material brittle. This is when cracks begin to appear. Water penetrates these cracks, and during freezing temperatures, ice forms and expands beneath the surface. That expansion causes additional cracking and heaving. When the ice melts, voids are left beneath the surface, causing the brittle asphalt to cave and form potholes. Proper crack repair can limit further damage from water intrusion. Seal coating with high quality materials can reduce the effects from UV exposure, while sealing minor cracks and preventing them from becoming major cracks.

You can make your exterior spaces more functional and comfortable by engaging the services of a Coatesville, PA asphalt contractor. Here at Landmark Solutions of PA, we have the specialized equipment necessary to provide high-quality workmanship to both residential and commercial clients.

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Whether you want your driveway or parking lot repaired and preserved, we're ready to give you a competitive price for the job. We believe in examining our clients' requests carefully so that we can make sure that every project is handled correctly, down to the last detail. We're familiar with the applicable zoning regulations and other local ordinances, so we'll give you results that are in full compliance. With our flexible appointment scheduling, we make ourselves available to work for a wide range of customers at different times of day.

Landmark Solutions of PA is a reputable Coatesville, PA, asphalt contractor. Our team is insured for your protection. To discuss your project with our courteous personnel, call us today.

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